Comedians are very in demand today. For any event, whether personal or business, comedians are hired for various programs to lighten up the event. If you are an aspiring comedian, then you must read a lot of books about how to become a good comedian. Here are some books recommended by many popular comedians that you can read.

Pryor Convictions: And Other Life Sentences by – Richard Pryor

This is a great guidebook on how to become a good comedian. Here you will learn about the author’s life. You will know how inspiring his comedy is. Every aspiring comedian must read this book to get motivation for becoming a comedian.

The Artist’s Way by – Julia Cameron

This book is about writing comedy. Comedy stories are not easy to form. You may get stuck many times, but you have to get out of this thought and continue with your creativity. This book teaches you to be confident about your idea and perception.

The Comedy Bible by – Judy Carter

This book will teach you how to write a joke. If you want to become a stand-up comedian, then this book will come out to be handy. It is a powerhouse for aspiring comedians.

How To Be Funny by – Francis Harrison

As the name suggests, you will know what it means to be funny after reading the book. You will learn what to do and how to be funny to attract audiences. It is a life-changing book full of humour-hacks. Here you will know everything about becoming a good comedian.

Comedy Techniques by Brian McKim and Tracy Skene

Whether it’s an improv or stand-up comedian that you want to become, here is your guide to becoming a successful comedian. A step-by-step illustration is provided for your better understanding of the comedy scenes and stories.

These books will help people know about stand-up comedy and improv classes. More people will now be interested in being a comedian and perform at various comedy night shows.