Comedy Festivals Improv Workshops

Places You Can Enjoy Comedy in Baltimore

Recently, the comedy scene in Baltimore has grown. You will find lots of promising improv and stand-up comedians here. They perform in restaurants, personal and corporate events. Audiences enjoy their performances. If you want to have a good time in Baltimore, you can see comedy shows and festivals that take place here.

Shows by Baltimore Improve Group

The Baltimore Improv Group has now become a powerhouse of comedy. It started with four members only, and now there are more than 60 performers here. They have taken improv to a new level.

They perform shows at their theater in Station North regularly. They also do shows outside their venue. They host the Baltimore Improv Festival and Xfest as well. In these festivals, you will find open mic sessions, workshops, and retreats.

Charm City Comedy Project

This is a community of talented comedians in Baltimore. They perform at Hampden’s Zissimos Bar. They feature improv and sketch comedy troupes every Friday and Saturday. They have open mic sessions as well. They organize the Charm City Comedy Festival every May that features talented improv, stand-up comedians, and sketch groups.

Shows hosted at The Hippodrome Theatre

For many years The Hippodrome Theatre has been hosting popular comedians like Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Kevin James, John Oliver, and more. The shows are always packed with audiences. You should grab your seat fast to watch these shows.

Gin and Jokes

This takes place once every month organized by the Baltimore Whiskey Company. It takes place in Joe Squared. So, you can have pizza while enjoying the show. You will enjoy the performance of several comedians in the show.

Baltimore Comedy Festival

This festival attracts lots of crowds. You get to see the performances of many talented comedians for five days. Many shows are free to watch. You will have a great time at this festival.

Willard & Wood

The comedy shows include magic tricks and mind games as well, along with great comedy. So, you will have a fabulous time here. This show is great for people under 18 years old.

Magooby’s Joke House

They have been voted the best comedians in Baltimore many times. The shows are not only popular for the performances of the comedians but also for great lighting, sound, and service. The shows are held six days a week.

Baltimore Comedy Factory

They have been hosting outstanding comedy shows for the past 30 years. They have showcased super-talented comedians like Robin Williams and Marlon Wayans. You will be spellbound by the shows.

These shows will give you a unique experience rather than the everyday movie nights or club hangouts. You will feel refreshed and energized after watching these shows. So, next time you visit Baltimore, make sure you see one of these shows or festivals.