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How Improv Workshops Can Develop Business Skills

Improvisational theatre is no more confined to stage performances. It is slowly getting into boardrooms and business schools. It has been found that improv workshops can improve business skills.

In improvisational theatre, you are given suggestions from which you have to come up with scenes and stories. It has a form of entertainment that has been practiced for years.

It became popular due to the show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ If you have watched this show, you will know how entertaining this form of art is. Here you will know how improve workshops can improve your business skills.

Better listening capability

In improv, listening is very important. To develop a scene from a suggestion given by someone requires careful listening so that you don’t miss any small detail. You have to incorporate everything in your response. So, if you are not listening properly, you won’t be able to perform well. Improv workshops teach you how to be a good listener.

When doing business, also you need to be a good listener to understand others’ perspectives which will help you in decision making. It will help you to persuade others and build a strong rapport.

Understand body language

In an improv workshop, you learn about different body language. You not only use your words to describe a scene or tell a story but use your body language as well. In business as well, you need to understand the body language of the people you are working with.

The nonverbal cues like posture, eye contact tell a lot about how they feel. So, when conducting a meeting, for example, you will understand how other participants are conceiving your ideas by looking at their body language.

Communicating insight better

Finance professionals need to communicate information to others and convince them. They need to speak in public confidently. By improving workshops, you learn how to develop this skill so that you can convince others and get your work done.

The improv workshop will help you to be comfortable in situations you are not prepared for. For example, when you hear an unexpected question after a meeting or get into an impromptu conversation.

You can deal with these situations better by taking improv classes. You will even do well in interviews instead of getting panic-stricken when faced with an unknown question.

Team building

In improve workshops, you often have to do exercises in groups. This helps you to learn about team building. In businesses, team building is very important. For many years improve has been considered to be an essential element of an actor’s toolkit. Now the professionals in many other industries are also finding this skill essential.