How To Become a Good Stand-up Comedian

Stand-up comedy today makes events enjoyable. Many event organizers look for stand-up comedians to make their events livelier. They entertain the audiences with their jokes. Good comedians can easily build a rapport with the audience and perform well. Having a good sense of humor and being a keen observer of people’s attitudes or your surroundings […]


Tips For Hiring a Comedian for Your Event

Are you planning a corporate or personal event? Whatever it is, a bit of entertainment in it wouldn’t hurt. People often include games or allow audiences to participate in online betting on sites like But have you thought of having a comedy show instead? If you live in Baltimore or other parts of Maryland, […]

Improv Workshops Performers

How Improv Workshops Can Develop Business Skills

Improvisational theatre is no more confined to stage performances. It is slowly getting into boardrooms and business schools. It has been found that improv workshops can improve business skills. In improvisational theatre, you are given suggestions from which you have to come up with scenes and stories. It has a form of entertainment that has […]