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Things You Can Expect at an Improv Workshop

If you thought that walking into a room and talking without a script in front of strangers is scary, then you should participate in the improv workshops. These workshops will help to get rid of your stage fright, and you will learn a lot from it. Here are some things you can expect at an improv workshop.

Friendly people

You will easily make new friends at the improv workshops. These workshops attract people from different backgrounds, which include artists, health workers, businessmen, and even accountants. The classes are suitable for any age group. You will find both loud and confident people, shy and reserved ones as well. So you can easily find people whose personality matches yours.

Fun exercises

The workshop is full of fun exercises; some are individual and some in pairs. You can tell a story and perform an act in a group as well. You will enjoy doing these exercises.


You will be given different scenes by the instruction, and you should act upon those — for example, a conversation between two people at a museum. You can choose to play any person in the scene.

Do you feel nervous?

In improv workshops, you will be doing new things every day. It is ok to be nervous to act in front of so many people. Remember that the others are as nervous as you. So, just be confident and do your best. Don’t worry if you make a mistake or get stuck in the middle. You are here to learn only.

After completing an improv workshop, you will discover that you have become a different person. The confidence you develop here will help you in your personal and professional lives.